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Dear NT/PC C-MAP store user,


Notification of IT security incident


Navico Group, (a division of Brunswick Corporation) has experienced an IT security incident ("Incident") impacting our online NT/PC C-Map store.


As a previous user of the online NT/PC C-Map store, some of your personal information was stored in this system, so please take the time to read this email carefully. We strongly encourage you to take the steps set out in this email, and want to assure we are working diligently to support you, address the incident and restore our service. Navico Group apologises for the concern and inconvenience this may cause you.


What has happened?


On or around 9 June 2023, Navico Group experienced an Incident. We promptly commenced an investigation into the Incident, and subsequently determined that an external threat actor had gained unauthorised access to certain IT systems including the online NT/PC C-Map store.


The following types of information about you may have been stored in the online NT/PC C-Map store, and it is possible that the unauthorised third party accessed this information:


  • name;
  • contact information (physical address, email address, phone number);
  • billing address and payment token (partial/masked – non-usable credit card number); and
  • password.


Steps taken by Navico Group to address the Incident


We have taken the following steps to address the Incident:


  • as soon as the Incident was discovered, we restricted access to our systems and initiated an investigation into the cause of the suspicious activity;
  • we engaged external advisors to assist in our investigation;
  • as the extent of the Incident became known, we took all of our internet-facing services offline;
  • we applied additional security settings;
  • we deleted passwords from the database; and
  • we reported the Incident to Data Protection Authorities where required.


Steps you should take


Although at this stage we are not aware that any of your information has been misused, and we have no reason to believe that this will happen in the future, as a precaution, we recommend you take steps to actively monitor your email accounts for any unusual activity and to adopt a heightened awareness, including by:


  • changing your password on any online services where you used the same password;
  • wherever possible, ensuring that your online accounts are protected through use of multi-factor authentication;
  • always exercising good password hygiene;
  • being on the lookout for scammers who may try to access your personal information, for example, by way of suspicious emails, texts, phone calls or messages on social media. Never respond to such approaches;
  • not clicking on any links that look suspicious, and never providing your passwords to anyone;
  • never allowing anyone to access your computer (even if the person says that they are from a credible organisation); and
  • subscribing to services made available to you by local authorities for the latest information about scams impacting our community.
  • For more information about the data security options that may be available to you, please see our Data Security Measures and Information webpage, available a


If you have questions or would like to discuss the situation, please contact


We unreservedly apologise for this unfortunate situation. We highly value our customers, and are committed to protecting your personal information.



Yours sincerely

The C-Map Team