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C-MAP Feature Guide

C-MAP charts are packed with features that bring crucial information and confidence to every trip out on the water. We've prepared this guide to highlight some of the features you get with C-MAP charts.

Note: Chart images are indicative of feature only and not available for all products or may not display exactly as pictured with all products.

Detailed Harbor Charts with Marina Port and Services

Derived from specialized publications, these Marina Plans give localized detail on services offered by the marina, including location of the fuel dock and pump-out stations as well as dock and slip numbers (where available).

Tides and Currents

Tides & Currents feature presents the time, water level and direction of tides with Tide Level graphs and indicates predicted current time, direction and strength of currents with Current Flow graphs and colored arrows. This information is vital for navigation and fishing. A great way to get projections of water level and direction of tides to help plan your day out angling or sailing.

Hi Res Bathymetry Layer

The High Res Bathymetry layer provides increased depth contour information in areas where boaters need it the most augmenting the official navigational data that remains on screen.

PCHD Precision Survey Contours

Gives access to 1-foot-contours visible even at wide zoom levels.(Exclusively available with MaxN+ enhanced chart option: Precision Contour HD)

Custom Depth Shading

Custom depth shading allows you to set your own favorite color to help highlight a productive drop off or target a specific depth range.

Seafloor Images

The “Reveal” layer offers an unheralded level of detail for the seafloor relief with colorized 3D rendering. Brings reefs, rocks and other underwater structure to life with high resolution 3D images. (Exclusively available with MaxN+ enhanced chart option: Reveal)

Easy Routing

Automatically plots the shortest, safest route based on detailed chart data and vessel information. Easy Routing quickly takes two points and generates a suggested route, while highlighting potential dangers such as shoals, sandbars, submerged rocks and other obstacles.

C-MAP Genesis Layer

Crowd-sourced depth contour layer derived from C-MAP Genesis Social Map providing 1 foot contours in all waters the Genesis community has mapped.

Shaded Relief

Brings the world around your vessel to life by offering a land elevation and bottom contour view.

Raster Charts

This gives a traditional chart look and feel. Plus, you get access to information on buoys, lights and other objects.

Satellite Images

High-resolution satellite imagery provides real-world reference, enhances situational awareness for coastal navigation especially useful when you find yourself in unfamiliar places. When fishing is the priority; locate docks, piers and other man-made structures that attract fish.

C-MARINA Port Database

C-Marina Port database and detailed marina charts provide useful, categorized information for cruisers, fishermen and sailors — including Port Layout and Facilities, Operating Hours, Accessibility, phone/Email Contact Info and more.


MAX_N+Vector_770x260 (1).png

C-MAP’s powerful vector charts allow you to render the chart presentation suited for your specific needs – be it depth units in meters, rather than feet, or perhaps depth shading in hues of red and yellow, or turning off soundings over 40 feet, or even enlarging icons to make them more recognizable, the possibilities are endless!


Raster charts provide that “old-school” feel of having a paper nautical chart at your disposal without the clutter at your helm. Where available, the raster chart layer provides full navigational information in the native presentation unique to the region and each Hydrographic Office.


C-Map chart coverage comes in local, wide, mega-wide and continental formats bringing a range of details to your fingertips. The availability of each format will depend on the chart you select.



Local coverage charts provide advanced chart detail and feature-rich content. These large coverage areas meet the needs of many boaters: the perfect solution for the typical day sailor!



Wide coverage charts give advanced chart detail and feature-rich content with larger coverage areas for far-ranging boaters and fishermen


Mega Wide

Mega Wide - Only available for MAX - all the same features of a MAX Wide with twice the coverage!



Less feature rich but a lot more coverage for the money! Provides full vector chart data, the high-res bathy layer and Easy Routing. Available in 4D and MAX-N+ only.