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Data Licence Agreements by specifc Hydrographic Offices

Updated: 13 July 2023 

Marine Department, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 


This NAVICO product contains the Data produced by the Hydrographic Office (HO), Marine Department, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. HO takes no part in the production of this NAVICO Product and/or Services. End-Users of the NAVICO product or services are licensed to use the products or services upon, inter alia, the following conditions: 


  • HO Data supplied in the NAVICO product or service is exclusively for internal business purposes, where facilities may include plotting, processing and manipulating the data. HO Data is not to be used by the End-User to provide a bureau service to a third party or for the benefit of or on behalf of a third party. HO Data shall not be reproduced, copied, sub-licensed, passed, sold, demonstrated or lent, or otherwise transferred by the End-User to any third party.
  • Any attempt by the End-User to break any encryption code or reverse engineer any product containing HO Data in order to extract HO Data in part or whole shall terminate this Licence.
  • This LICENCE does not allow the following activities;
    • the reproduction and use of HO Data outside of this licence;
    • the incorporation of HO Data in a third party product;
    • the development of value added products or services using HO Data;
    • the demonstration of HO Data at exhibitions or seminars;
    • the transfer of HO Data into any other computer readable form;
    • the digitising or scanning of HO Data
    • the transmission of HO Data on the Internet or any other electronic on-line

It is the responsibility of the End-User to ensure that HO Data is not copied or used in any way which is contrary to the conditions of this Licence. 


The End-User may make one copy of HO Data for operational security and back-up purposes but shall make no other copies of HO Data without the prior approval of HO. A back up copy can only be used in replacement of the operational copy which has ceased to function. 


HO Data is protected under the Copyright Ordinance Cap.528. The legal and beneficial ownership of the copyright of HO Data, where the service exists in the literary or other copyright works, is held by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. All HO Data supplied to the End-User under the terms of this Licence remains the property of the Government.


  • If the End-User is in breach of any of the provisions of this Licence, or if there is any infringement or alleged infringement of HO intellectual property rights in HO Data, the Licence is automatically
  • If the End-User transfers possession of HO Data or any copy, partial copy, modification or merged portion of HO Data to another party, this Licence is automatically terminated.
  • Upon termination of this Licence the End-User shall immediately cease use of HO Data and shall destroy all copies of HO Data held including any security or back-up copies. 

5. LAW

This Licence shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Hong Kong.