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Product Comparison Table

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MAX Pro 

Full Featured Vector Charts

Rivers & Lakes
Detailed marina port plans
High Resolution Bathymetry/Fishing Charts  
Depth Shading
 C-MARINA Port Database  
Aerial photos*      
3D Presentation      
Easy Routing        
Raster Charts*        
Satellite Images      
Shaded Relief        
Sport Fishing data (*)        
Marine Protected Areas*  
 Explorer Bahamas Charts*  
 Eagle Ray Sea Charts*  
 Hydrographica Charts*    
 Custom Depth Shading          
 Genesis Layer*          
 Precision Survey contours*          
 Seafloor Images*     **        
Compatibility Lowrance, B&G, Simrad

Compatible with top manufacturers – see Device Search for full details of compatibility.

Compatible with top manufacturers – see Device Search for full details of compatibility.

NavNet, TimeZero

3XEL, Chartworx, NAV-SIM, TMQ

* Available on selected areas
^ Off shore only
~ Not available w/ size: Continental
** Not compatible with Lowrance HOOK², HOOK Reveal or Simrad Cruise.




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