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Navigational Newbies

C-MAP® offers an excellent way for novice boaters to safely discover their new favourite waterways.


Introducing the C-MAP App

With the C-MAP® App, always have the latest and most detailed chart data to hand, on your phone, tablet or PC – find out more!

Using the 'Shaded Relief' function with Lee Rayner

Join Lee Rayner, and see how you can bring the world to life around you – only with C-MAP® REVEAL™ charts, exclusively for Lowrance® Simrad® and B&G® Chartplotters

C-MAP App: How to use Autorouting

Your perfect planning partner – learn how to create, edit and save a route wherever you are, using your C-MAP® App

BioBase: How-to video using EcoSound

BioBase from C-MAP is an automated cloud-based mapping system, designed for aquatic professionals. Learn more about how to get up and running with Biologist and product expert Ray Valley